Horror Bites Challenge #3

hblogodarkerlinesSo we had a couple of interesting tales from the library picture for HorrorBites #2 and I hope that this week more of you will be inspired to write a short horror tales.

This week we are once again heading to the airport. The following picture was taken when I spotted a family leaving their trash behind. Before I tidied up after them I got to thinking what if this was an offering to the Trash Gods, or something more sinister.



Rules this week:

1. Post your link or full tale into the comments below.

2. Giving you a count of 400-500 words this time.

3. To make this a wee bit more interesting I’d like this story to be set during the day, its easy to scare at night not so much when the sun is shining.

4. Closes around the 13th December

Being Brave

So with me getting back to writing and everything I’m doing something ridiculously brave. I’ve entered a piece of flash fiction into a competition. I must be mad to think that a thing I wrote might beat probably hundreds if not thousands of entries but if I don’t grab these opportunities now, will I ever.

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NaNoWriMo – I may have a plan

OK so Its a few days before NaNoWriMo starts. I’m not organised, don’t have plan and thats ok as, this close to the start of November I never feel ready. One thing I do know however is I plan on being a Nano Rebel and writing several short stories to reach the magic 50K number of words instead of a complete novel. This means I need some ideas for stories, at least 5 x 10K horror stories.

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Creating my free eBook

With the launch of this new site I wanted to give new subscribers the opportunity to read some of my work but the new site is very bare of stories. I could have copied over my old stories but to be honest that seemed a bit too much work. So I had the thought that I’d create a wee book of stories from old work. The bulk of this work was published in 2014 for Sirens Call eZine, an online horror magazine.

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