Being Brave

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So with me getting back to writing and everything I’m doing something ridiculously brave. I’ve entered a piece of flash fiction into a competition. I must be mad to think that a thing I wrote might beat probably hundreds if not thousands of entries but if I don’t grab these opportunities now, will I ever.

The competition is for Apex Magazine, a magazine that has everything – SiFi, Fantasy and Horror. They are looking for Valentines inspired stories during the month of November for their February issue. The brief is fairly loose,

Your story does not have to directly involve Valentine’s Day, but it should imbue the spirit of the holiday in a twisted Apex fashion. Love lost, love won, the holiday itself, Cupid, romance gone horribly, horribly wrong, pining for a mate … the theme for this year’s contest is wide open so have fun with it!

and I have written a wee tale that the lovely Miranda went over with her critical editing eye. I plan on submitting tomorrow but will have to wait until the end of November before they make their decision. They are not sending refusals, just contacting then announcing winners on the blog at some point after the closing date. To say I’m nervous would be a slight understatement but you got to be ‘in it to win it’ or so I’ve heard and anyway, I’ve Nano to keep me occupied.

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