2018 Tipsy Santa Blog Hop #TS2018

So here we go again, another resurrection, another BlogHop. This time is all about Santa and drinking. Well my story isn’t but there is drink involved. I couldn’t do a Santa based tale I’m afraid, my writing skills are still leaving a lot to be desired, so I have resurrected a wee tale from 2013 (Yeah I couldn’t believe I’d been writing for that long either).

It has had a revamp but its not cheery, so if that’s what you need at this time of year, just walk on by my friend and read something else, I promise you I won’t mind.

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Being Brave

So with me getting back to writing and everything I’m doing something ridiculously brave. I’ve entered a piece of flash fiction into a competition. I must be mad to think that a thing I wrote might beat probably hundreds if not thousands of entries but if I don’t grab these opportunities now, will I ever.

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Creating my free eBook

With the launch of this new site I wanted to give new subscribers the opportunity to read some of my work but the new site is very bare of stories. I could have copied over my old stories but to be honest that seemed a bit too much work. So I had the thought that I’d create a wee book of stories from old work. The bulk of this work was published in 2014 for Sirens Call eZine, an online horror magazine.

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