Horror Bites Challenge #1

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hblogodarkerlinesWelcome to the first Horror Bites Challenge for October. The challenge is for you to write a short horror story inspired by the image I’ve posted below. Feel free to use the wolf image to the left for your site if you wish, my son drew it so no worries about copy-write infringement.

This picture was taken at the airport in Gran Canaria as we were waiting for our flight home this summer. The image can be used in anyway, referencing time, a clock what ever takes your fancy – let the horror muse take control.


Horror Challenge Rules:

  1. Post either a link to your website or your story in the comments box below.
  2. I’m setting a word count of 200-200 for this one.
  3. I want to be scared, or at the very least creeped out. Go on I dare you.
  4. This challenge will be closed on Sunday 30th October.
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