Horror Bites Challenge #2

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So I hope you had fun with the last challenge and are raring to go with this next one. I realise that some of you will be taking part in NaNoWriMo this month but maybe you need a break. Or maybe this image will help inspire your opening sequence.

At any rate here is the  next challenge,  picture kindly provided by a lovely friend who is in Aberdeen. It is a rather great picture of the Sir Duncan Rice Library, where she seems to spend most of her time as she is currently studying to be a teacher.


Slightly different rules this week just to keep you on your toes.

  1. Post your horror short or a link to your website in the comments.
  2. I’ll give you a bit more leeway this week – 250-350 words.
  3. For this tale I’d like you to include a reference to a book or to reading.
  4. Due to me taking part in Nano I’m going to keep this one open for the whole of November.
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    1. well done on using a letter for the reading part, never thought of that. and congrats on drawing first blood.

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