Horror Bites Challenge #4

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hblogodarkerlinesSo did you like the stories from the last challenge? Thanks so much to all that took part, I’m happy that my little pictures are providing inspiration. This time round I’m using a photo that my son wanted me to take. It’s supposed to be of a moth that was on the outside of the window but my camera is fairly rubbish and you can only just make it out. (Top corner of the middle pain on the right, if you need help.)

When I looked at the picture again I discovered that there was an interesting shot of my ‘Fly’ on the window sill. This is made from recycled materials, in fact its an old light bulb. So with the picture and what little information I have given you, have at it. I look forward to reading your tales.


1. Post your link or full tale in the comments.

2. A word count to 350 words.

3. As an added bonus if your story could contain an animal of some kind that would be awesome.

4. I’ll post a new one 23rd December, just in time for Christmas.


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