Nano 2016 – Day 19

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Well what can I say I’m currently near 18K words behind, so unless I’m allowed to skip work for the next 12 days it’s a safe bet that yet again I’m not going to complete Nanowrimo this year.

I’m not disheartened however because I am still writing – or will continue to write, as to be honest family life has caused a minor pause on the old words that flow. I have achieved much even if the word count is poor. I have five horror short stories that will be written, one is complete, two others are started. The joy of writing horror has been rediscovered, which with the year I’ve had is a total boost and present surprise.

My website is up and running and folk are actually looking at it, thanks guys your the best. My son has discovered a hidden talent for designing book solvers and you just know I’m going to take full advantage of that little fact. There will probably be no more Nano 2016 posts as baring a miracle the post celebrating my success is not going to happen LOL. I’ve not given up I’ve just moved the goalposts.

So for those of you continuing on and writing those glorious words, keep at it. All words written are a good thing, even if the 50K magic number is not reached, you have my support, you have my praise and lets face it if you’ve written horror I’m your gal for a beta reader.


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