Nano 2016 – Day 4

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So what can I say. Its day 4 & if I continue as I’m going the estimate is I’ll finish mid January LOL got a fair bit of catching up to do. Now you may be wondering how come I’m so far behind, so close to the start – if thats the case the keep on reading.

Nano started on the 1st and I’d prepped as much as I was going to so I was as ready as I was going to be. Came home from work all set and raring to go – well not quite as had to sort out tea for the kids, clean the kitchen, sort out a load of washing and check that everything would be set for the next day. Once things had calmed down I picked up the laptop and opened Skriv.

I’d already decided to start with Black Gold (The fairies who weren’t sweet) and knew I had to get my unlikely hero (he’s so not a hero) from London to the Highlands in Scotland. I started typing and it was dire. I knew the MC was a fool but in the moment I started him at his father’s office scrunching for cash that I absolutely hated him.

I didn’t give up however but keep tapping away, word after word, sentence after sentence, paragraph etc you get the drift. After about 2.5 hours I had a whopping total of wait for it – 684 words. It was pathetic. I hated the story. I received some advice via twitter, as the story sucked so much I was of course multi tasking (ok ok procrastinating if you must be picky) but I just didn’t know what to do.

I stopped as couldn’t see anyway out of the hole I’d written myself into. Everyone says so don’t worry about the first draft, its suppose to suck, thats why you edit. Nano is a time to just get the words down, the story told blah blah blah. But I just couldn’t.

Day 2 and the thought of carrying on with what I wrote filled me with dread so I did nothing. Yup you read that right, on day 2 of Nano when folk are powering through and announcing, 2500, 4000, 5000 and in one case 8000 word counts I did nothing. Didn’t even open the laptop.

When I came home on Day 3 I had made a decision – the 684 words had to go. I opened Skriv once all my mum duties had been done and deleted the lot. No thought, no care, no problem.

What a revelation. I was now sitting looking at an empty page. Deep breath and a count of 20 and I started writing. My guy didn’t have to get to the Highlands coz he was already there. Boom it happened. 1 hour later I had written 1774 words of pure glory. Well maybe not glory but certainly I have a story, it was flowing and even if I say so myself, it wasn’t too bad.

I’m now in a happy place. The next bit I’m to write introduces something a bit weird (ok its the fairies but no one knows that yet) and a death which allows my MC to fulfil his first quest (its not a journey of discovery book ‘fulfil his quest’ just sounded good hehe). You never know maybe by the end of the weekend my end date will be closer to the end of November, or at the very least December and not January.

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