NaNoWriMo – I may have a plan

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OK so Its a few days before NaNoWriMo starts. I’m not organised, don’t have plan and thats ok as, this close to the start of November I never feel ready. One thing I do know however is I plan on being a Nano Rebel and writing several short stories to reach the magic 50K number of words instead of a complete novel. This means I need some ideas for stories, at least 5 x 10K horror stories.

Considering I’ve never written anything (finished) above 7K this might pose a problem, but I’m not daunted. Horror stories are in my blood and I will find the will and way to write them, even if it ends up being 8-9 short stories.

I have ideas for 5 stories-:

  • Fairies who live in the highlands of Scotland (don’t worry the fairies are nasty, creepy, evil things)
  • A witch gains immortality by getting unsuspecting folk to promise her she anything wants in return for small favours.
  • Are the voices a man hears in his head a sign of him going mad or are Angels talking to him? (Wee hint, its not Angels)
  • A Soul Gatherer discovers someone is out to discredit him and cause disruption to the world.
  • Taxidermy is not for the weak and a disturbed teenager discovers animals are not the only things he can stuff.

I’m not sure if these horror ideas are 7 thousand word stories, some might be way less, some might be way more but at least I have a place to start. I’m looking forward to this years Nano more than previous years as I’m under no illusions, I’m not planning on writing a full length novel. I’ll be finished each story long before I get bored with the characters and that dear reader makes this all worth it.

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  1. Haven’t you done that last one before – on Wattpad? (gosh not been there for AGES).

    You should try and get people to offer suggestions. Mine would be maybe being hunted – something, someone – could find some twists in there.

    M xx

    1. no it was for Dailypic, But needs a ton of work and I can make it way more creepy if I involve taxidermy not just starving and killing.
      The witch one was Wattpad and was never finished as wrote myself into a mess LOL

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