Review of Slipping Through

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I was one of the lucky few who was able to get a sneak peek at this collection whilst it was still being edited. Each tale gives the reader something completly different, yet still holds on to the theme of traveling between dimensions and the thrills that come with it. I’m used to being entranced by reading Miranda’s darker work and was a tad apprehensive as to how she would handle a sci-fi theme. I wasn’t disappointed.

This collection is made up of 3 stories, each one taking us on a journey through dimensions and what can be found if one dabbles with the unknown.


A short tale of two friends who have managed to bypass the legalities of dimension travel, to travel on there own where ever and when ever they wish. Miranda’s imagination ran riot and she gave us wonderful descriptions of these other worlds, initially making us wish we were on the journey too. But of course things take a darker turn and we soon find ourselves caught up in a will they/won’t they escape scenario which reminds us – even if you can travel outside normal convention and security, should you?


Our next tale takes us on a different journey and I can’t really say too much as I don’t want to spoil things. Again we have two main characters who take a journey through dimensions and end up in a disturbing situation. Miranda has a way with words that allows you to get inside her characters heads and will them to make the right choices.

The Game

This story revolves round David, someone who is being tormented by a great antagonist known as The Jester, who I just think is awesome, by moving him from dimension to dimension, taking family and friends away from him. Generally The Jester causes David a mountain of trouble. I have to admit that The Jester is by far my favourite character, I love how he treats everyone, not caring what they feel or want, just doing things for his own pleasure. This is the darkest of the 3 tales and will no doubt stay with you for a long time to come.

If you like your sic-fi with a bit of an edge, enjoy short tales that grip from the outset then i would recommend you grab a copy of Slipping Through. It will entertain, surprise and delight and make you wonder about the reality you live in and whether you would want to visit others, if you had the opportunity.


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  1. Thank you so much & love that everyone enjoys The Jester so much. It was good to finally let him loose. A sequel will be coming.

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